Who am I? Well, I play many various roles depending on who it is, and what it is, other people need from me. Every wife, mother, friend and business woman, I’m sure can relate. I can tell you what’s most important to me and that of course would be my family and friends, as I’m sure it is for many of you.

I have been married for 32 years, a mom to a 25 year old son, who is just awesome, if I do say so myself, a daycare provider for over 20 years, and a realtor for 7. I enjoy many different things and will probably be sharing most of them with you.

Things on parenting, crafts for kids, DIY ideas such as quilting, painting, home projects, scrap-booking, etc…I love to bake and cook,, (which shows, lol) and I am an avid reader of mystery, romance, sci-fi and crime novels, so I will be including things on that also. Hence the title of my site, a little bit of this and that.