Awesome Online Work from Home Business Opportunity! MyEcon, what’s it all about?

do something today that your future self will thank you for

So, I just joined myEcon. Yay! I am absolutely thrilled to be apart of this work from home business opportunity, and meeting wonderful people who are also on this journey of being financially independent. Being able to be with your children as they grow is a definite joy! Being able to make money along with that, is a bonus! Not having to go to a job and drop your kids off at daycare,  being able to make your bills, buy that new home or car, and take the vacations where and when you want are just a few of the perks.

Imagine being able to wake up in the morning and being able to plan the day as you see fit. The beauty of this opportunity is we get to choose where and when we want to work. Obviously the more you put into this the better your results will be, BUT you can do it from your smartphone while you’re at the beach, when your children are napping or down for the night, in your car while waiting to pick up your kids from their school or sport activities, at the mall shopping for whatever your shopping for, lol. While your waiting at the doctors or dentist office….Ok, you get the picture. working from home top benefits pic

MyEcon stands for my economy and is a personal financial success company that has been in business since 2005. Its based in Georgia and is Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Is myEcon an MLM (Multi Level Marketing)? NO. It is an Affiliate Marketing Opportunity! MyEcon gives us the opportunity to be affiliated associates and pays us a commission for selling these incredible products! We get a commission to promote:

  1. ID Defender
  2. Smart Credit System
  3. The Cashflow Manager App
  4. Travel through Priceline
  5. Health and Nutritional Products
  6. Coffees for Health and Weight Loss
  7. Road Assure–Road Side Assistance
  8. 750 Credit Monitoring
  9. Bonus! The Cashback Mall! Get Money back from Shopping at your own personal online mall!

We market these products online, mostly through social media sites,  but you can market or promote in multiple ways. Blogging, posting ads in online and offline newspapers, sending out flyers or brochures. those are just a few examples. It’s up to you how you want to get the word out about these products myEcon offers and how you run your business. Then when people buy we get a commission paid to us every Friday. That simple! By becoming an associate affiliate for a small $47.90 start up and $34.95 monthly membership,  we receive some of these products for free and a website, step by step training, a fabulous support system and we make money also!  You know what the kicker is? The start up and monthly fees are tax deductible because it’s a business expense! Now that’s a win win in my book!

This Business Presentation by June Collier describes this opportunity best.

Is this for everyone ? Yes! Anyone who is a go getter, believes in the products and has a desire to be financially independent can make this business work. Plus you get to help others become financially independent!

Want to hear some success stories? Here you go!

You probably know whats coming next. Yep, you were right! I’m going to offer you these great products and a business opportunity!

If your interested and could use any of the above awesome products, like credit repair help to get that credit score up, the cashflow management system to keep track of your business expenses and more, roadside assistance so your not stranded on the side of the road,  especially in the middle of the night,  protecting yourself  from identity theft with security measures and $1 million of theft insurance, financial strategies to keep more of what you earn, or any of the other products we offer, just click here . If  you just want more info,  contact me.

Now for the business opportunity! If you’ve been looking for another way to make money and you’ve been wanting your own business, become an affiliate associate! You can make some extra cash or make this business grow and it could be all the income you’ll ever need! Be more financially free to do as you please and spend more time with your family! What are you waiting for, click join now below.

****JOIN NOW!****

Everything you do now is of your future. Think about that.



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