Think Spring!

Its close! You can smell it in the air! Spring is coming! A time when most of us start to  think about what we want to do around the house and yard. Fix things here, build things there, put a patio or deck in, or repair the ones we already have. It might be putting in a garden or building a play area for your kids.

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I have a few projects I know I want to do. I want to put in a concrete patio off the deck, just have to convince my husband first. 🙂 I know a great concrete guy from Milaca, MN. Mike from All Day Concrete. He did an awesome job for our RV slab!

I also want to put in a raised bed garden, not a huge one since I don’t have a green thumb, but one with enough space for a few vegetables we love to eat. This video shows you how to make the raised bed garden I would like to have.

The only thing about this videos material list I would change, would  be to get cedar wood instead of the treated, as that contains chemicals that leech into the soil you will be growing your food in. Not a good combo.

If you think you might like a little more help in making these they come in kits on amazon. You just need to get the lumber but everything else is provided.Click the pics below if you’d like more info on these kits.

61hpcgid3fl  An 8X8 size (Which would be perfect for me) or a  6X12 size, if you want something bigger..      51gfd4ja7ql

Another project I want to do, is to spruce up the play area for my daycare kids. I need to sand and paint or stain the sandbox, I was thinking of painting each side of the sandbox a primary color, just to make it fun. I also need to  give the outside Chalkboard a new coat of Chalkboard Paint. I absolutely LOVE this idea in the video below. I have to find a way to implement this!

Lots of ideas and I can’t wait for the warmer weather to get started! Only a week or two to go! So what are your plans?  Tell me about them in the comments section. I’d really like to know! I wish you success in all your projects this spring!









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