Kids are Awesome at Abstract Art!

Art is in the eye of the beholder and kids have no fear  when it comes to expressing themselves through art. We may think it might not be a picture of anything, but when your child is painting or coloring his imagination is flowing and the colors and strokes represent something in your childs mind. Wallah! Abstract art!  I have a poster on my daycare art room wall  with a picture of Einstein and a quote from him saying, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. I believe that to be so true. Any art that allows kids to think and create with no preset guidelines will encourage children to think outside the box and problem solve. It will also give them confidence and a sense of accomplishment  from finishing what they have started.

Check out this video of a 9 year old abstract painter who started as a toddler and has her work in galleries. Awesome!

So let your child express himself, don’t worry too much on how big of a mess you think he or she is making and please, when your child shows you his art, that hes worked so hard on, and feels so proud of, don’t just glance at it. Really look at it and compliment him/her on the colors, or how you like this or that about the picture. Ask them, ” Can you tell me about your picture”, “Whats your favorite thing about this picture?” Get the picture? (Yes, pun intended.) This will reinforce their confidence and creativity and show them you really are interested in their accomplishments.

Creating and playing is learning for your child and in turn that is creating knowledge. So get out those paints, crayons, markers and paper or canvases and let your kids create their masterpieces!

Click on these pics to go to amazon and shop for your kids art supplies.

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