Being Centered. Oh what a feeling!

Your Center. What do I mean? I mean the inner most part of you that makes you feel at peace, that piece of you that lets you think or believe that everything is going to be alright in your world. For babies and children, their center, is us. Mom and Dad. We are the center of their universe. No two ways about it, we are IT. What a tremendous responsibility we have as parents to make their world centered and grounded. When they’ve scraped their knee, need something to eat, someone has hurt their feelings, or in some way their world is not right, they run to us to make it better. We want our children to grow up feeling secure, loved and to know we will be their center, or to put it another way, to be there for them whenever they, even when they are adults, need us.

I’m not talking about giving them everything they want or see, or enabling them so they become too dependent on you or others. I’m talking about being there for them to help them learn and grow to become independent, caring adults with their own individual center. Giving into their temper tantrums and giving them things isn’t going to do this. If given the resources like our time, our love, our actions and how we cope with things, they can find their individual center or coping skills. We would be their support team, when needed, as they grow into adults.

How do we accomplish this?  Be there. Simple right? Well now, some of you are probably going, “Phfft. I can’t be there every minute of the day!” No we can’t, and that’s where our support system comes in to help. Your parents, your daycare provider, people you know, who will be there for your child when you can’t, for whatever reason. They help to keep YOU centered so you can have the piece of mind that your child is taken care of.

Other things that may keep you centered can be an exercise routine, a diet regimen, having one night a week just for yourself, a special treat, lunch with a friend or a date night with your partner. Just something that helps keeps you centered, lets you have a feeling that, yes, everything is alright in my world again. Nobody is perfect and life can be a struggle so find your center. Have that feeling of, Yes!

Click  on the pictures if interested in reading these books on finding inner peace.

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