To Glitter or Not to Glitter–Hmmm.

Glitter. Love it or hate it. I personally love how everything sparkles and shines when you add a little or a lot of glitter! Those tiny particles of light reflection in every shape and color.

Typically when you think of glitter, it brings to mind valentine cards or Christmas ornaments, either DIY or the store bought but there are many other uses for glitter. You’ve got, glitter nail polish, glitter bombs (which I think is a waste of glitter and no fun at all), cosmetic glitter, and here’s a video of a wall being painted with glitter.

So simple and I love the subtleness of the glitter on the wall. Just enough to sparkle but not overwhelm. I’m sure you could add more or less glitter to your liking.

Don’t forget about the floors, either inside or outside in the garage. My mom did her garage with a garage floor painting/epoxy kit and it is amazing looking. I found this video of someone painting a floor with glitter, check it out:

Again a great job! So if you love the glittery, sparkle look and are willing to put in the work, have fun and get glittering!

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