Terrible Twos!

Most every parent has a hard time with the “terrible twos” . I have a daycare parent who has found a t-shirt that says twonager on it. Its true! Its almost like dealing with a teenager, but that teenager is a 3 foot terror of temper tantrums and a high pitched whine, scream or cry! Even at times all three together!

I know, that I don’t let my kids (daycare and my son when he was little) get too far with their tantrums. I feel that they may think that, since I’m letting them act this way, its fine for them to do this. ITS NOT! Some may disagree and that is fine, but for me that is just rude behavior that shouldn’t be allowed.




It’s very frustrating at times but learning how to manage it is key. Trying to catch the behavior before it happens helps, but sometimes its not possible. What I do, is pick them up, as they are laying on the floor probably at this point flopped down because of some intolerable injustice to them crying and screaming. I let them know they need to stop and let them know why they can’t act that way. If they show signs of actually listening, I will then redirect them with a book, toy or maybe they just need a cuddle. If they don’t settle down, I will then put them in their room or bed and leave for them to cry it out. I also let them know as I’m leaving that as soon as they have quieted down they may come back and play with friends. Just remember YOU are the parent, the one in charge and they need to know whats acceptable behavior and whats not.

So that’s just  what I do. If it helps you Great!  If not, I hope you find what works for you and your little bundle of joy!  Which they are, just challenging! Happy parenting!



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